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Did you know that every website you visit can potentially collect information from your computer and even track what you do online?
Type in any website or online service URL and click the 'test' button to view a free privacy and trust analysis. No information will be passed from your computer to the website or online service that you test.

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Google Analytics (2,122 discoveries)
Javascript Twitter Button (467 discoveries)
Web Beacon (365 discoveries)

Is Your Personal Information Safe Online?

Do you know how much of your personal information is being recorded and tracked when you are online and each time you visit a website? Cookies, IP address, personal data - it can all be tracked, recorded and even sold to third-parties! Most websites do not disclose this information leaving it up to you to protect your privacy.

Take Control of Your Online Privacy and Information

Our free online website privacy test will anonymously test any website or online service and help you to stay in control of your privacy and personal information. There are web-browser plug-ins and add-on programs that will let you know if you or your data is being tracked but you must visit the website for them to work! lets you remain in control of your personal data and online privacy by giving you the information that you need to decide which websites and online services you can trust.

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